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Thermohair Socks Promise Toasty Toes!

Rosehaven Yarn Shop has been carrying Thermohair socks for a number of years now and I am realizing it has been a bit of a secret.

Thermohair socks2


The people that know we carry them come year after year to buy the socks for gifts because they know that nothing beats them to keep away the cold.

Then we have the customers that happen across the socks in the display and are so thrilled to find these often dreamed about elusive socks.

They are made by a family run farm in South Mountain, Ontario from their lovely Angora Goats. Thermohair socks are 75% kid mohair. This is the most soft and expensive of the mohair grades. It’s micron count is close to cashmere, giving the socks the softness of cashmere, but the strength of mohair.


The socks trademarked under THERMOHAIR are made of kid mohair, which is the first hair sheared from the young kid. This particular hair is very fine and soft, the most luxurious and expensive of the mohair grades. The finished socks are knit in a looped sequence for cushioning, and are blended with 25% nylon for stretch. THERMOHAIR socks are especially insulating for those working or sporting in the cold outdoors. They are ideal for contractors, hunters, fishermen, linesmen, skiers, skidooers, skindivers, hikers, etc.  The men’s all grey are slightly heavier than the other colours, suitable for  work boots and loose footwear.

We also carry the therapeutic version of the socks for people who have cold feet, resulting from various health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. These have no extra elastic at the top, allowing an unrestricted blood flow to the feet.

Even our UPS driver Dave is a convert to the Thermohair socks and bought his wife a couple of pairs for their evenings in the hockey arena. She was thrilled by the fact that her toes stayed warm throughout the entire evening watching the kids play hockey.

They also are machine washable and I throw mine in the dryer and they have survived my abuse for 4 years and are still in great shape. Now my teenagers have discovered them so my socks seem to have migrated to their dressers. I guess I know what the family wants for Christmas presents this year!