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Socks that Survive

4821627_mI have never knit socks before, yes it is true. I wear hand knit socks often and love my bright coloured wool ones the best. I have a few pairs of them that my mother was kind enough to whip up for me. She saved up all kinds of scrap and ends of balls of sock yarn and them mixed them all up into these awesome colourful tall socks.

I love to wear my flashy socks with a long tunic top, black tights, the funky socks bunched up and then my ankle boots. The socks don’t necessarily match the colours in the top but they are at least in the same colour range. They really jump out and not to mention how awesomely warm they are!

Needless to say before I ramble on too much, the reason I am mentioning hand knit socks is because of a tidbit of info told by a sock knitting conisseur. You may already know this but just in case you don’t, the strongest sock wool that makest the best socks that last the longest without wearing holes through them have a bit of nylon in the yarn. 10% nylon seems to be the most common combination to add into a sock yarn mix. This makes the yarn wear longer as well as hold it’s shape better and of course using a super wash wool means you can toss it into the washer and the dryer with no worries that it will shrink to the size of baby booties!