Quince & Co. Sparrow


Bolan top in sparrow linen sparrow linen skeins100% organic linen
168 yds [155m] / 50g
6 sts /inch on size US 3 needles

Sparrow is a plain little yarn, beautiful in its simplicity. Its clean, smooth hand is crisp as you knit it. But after washing and wearing it becomes handkerchief-soft and drapey. It’s spun in Italy from organic linen grown in Belgium. Knit Sparrow on a variety of needle sizes—we’ve used needles from size US 2 to size 6 [2.75 to 4mm] —depending on the drape and feel you want in your project. The yarn is a natural in lace patterns, carving out the yarn overs, but it’s fluid, too, in simple stockinette. It’s great in tanks, shawls, and breezy cardigans, and lovely as can be in bags, wash cloths, and other home accessories.

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Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6 in
Quince & Co Sparrow

Banyon Sparrow, Birch Sparrow, Blue Spruce Sparrow, Butternut Sparrow, Catmint Sparrow, Chicory Sparrow, Citron Sparrow, Conch Sparrow, Eclipse Sparrow, Eleuthera Sparrow, Fen Sparrow, Frond Sparrow, Fundi Sparrow, Hibiscus Sparrow, Little Fern Sparrow, Lunar Sparrow, Maize Sparrow, Mica Sparrow, Milkweed Sparrow, Mineral Sparrow, Moon Sparrow, Nannyberry Sparrow, Paprika Sparrow, Penny Sparrow, Pigeon Sparrow, Pink Grapefruit Sparrow, Port Sparrow, Rille Sparrow, Rosa Mundi Sparrow, Sans Sparrow, Sea Salt Sparrow, Sky Sparrow, Surf Sparrow, Truffle Sparrow, Venice Sparrow, Viburnum Sparrow


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