Quince & Co. Lark


leah thibault patternskeins of lark134 yds [123 m] / 50g
5 sts /inch on size 4mm [US 6] needles
4.5 sts / inch on size 5 mm [US 8] needles

Lark is the perfect, classic worsted weight yarn. Its four plump plies are twisted just enough to ensure durability, without any loss of loft and drape. The yarn is round, soft, and well-balanced for smooth, even stitches. Lark’s traditional plied structure shows off texture stitches and cables brilliantly. And it’s great for well-defined colour work patterns, too. Its subtle halo invites caresses. Beware.

Lark is versatile: Knit it on size US 6 [4mm] needles for a windproof mitten and on size US 8’s [5mm], or even 9’s [5.5mm], for a drapey, open cardigan.

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  • Aleutian Lark
  • Audouin Lark
  • Birds Egg Lark
  • Canvas Lark
  • Carries Yellow Lark
  • Crocus Lark
  • Crow Lark
  • Dogwood Lark
  • Egret Lark
  • Fjord Lark
  • Fox Lark
  • Franks Plum Lark
  • Frost Lark
  • Gingerbread Lark
  • Glacier Lark
  • Goldfinch Lark
  • Honey Lark
  • Iceland Lark
  • Kittywake Lark
  • Kumliens Gull Lark
  • Lichen Lark
  • Lupine Lark
  • Marsh Lark
  • Nightshade Lark
  • Peacock Lark
  • Peaks Ferry Lark
  • Petal Lark
  • pomegranate Lark
  • Poppy Lark
  • River Lark
  • Root Lark
  • Rosa Rugosa Lark
  • Sabine Lark
  • Shell Lark
  • Slate Lark
  • Snap Pea Lark
  • Sorbet Lark
  • Storm Lark
  • Stream Lark
  • Wasabi Lark

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 9 × 2.5 × 2.5 in
Quince & Co. Lark

Aleutian Lark, Audouin Lark, Belize Lark, Birds Egg Lark, Canvas Lark, Carries Yellow Lark, Crocus Lark, Crow Lark, Dogwood Lark, Egret Lark, Fjord Lark, Fox Lark, Franks Plum Lark, Frost Lark, Gingerbread Lark, Glacier Lark, Goldfinch Lark, Honey Lark, Iceland Lark, Kittywake Lark, Kumliens Gull Lark, Leek Lark, Lichen Lark, Lupine Lark, Marsh Lark, Nightshade Lark, Peacock Lark, Peaks Ferry Lark, Petal Lark, pomegranate Lark, Poppy Lark, River Lark, Root Lark, Rosa Rugosa Lark, Sabine Lark, Sage Lark, Sedum Lark, Shell Lark, Slate Lark, Snap Pea Lark, Sorbet Lark, Storm Lark, Stream Lark, Wasabi Lark


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