Quince & Co Finch


melissa labarre hat pattern skeins of finch100% American wool / Grown, spun, dyed in USA
Fingering weight
221yd [202m] / 50g
9 sts /inch on size  2.25 mm [US 1] needles
7 sts / inch on size  3.25 mm [US 3] needles

Finch is a little sprite, a fingering weight yarn with spark. Its four neatly twisted plies give the yarn a smooth, tailored finish that’s sturdy and hardwearing. It’s soft to the touch, drapey, and perfectly balanced for even stockinette-stitch fabric. It’s supreme in delicately articulated texture stitches, cables, and lace patterns. And its well-defined structure makes it great for pretty Fair Isle patterns.

We like it at 6-7 stitches per inch on size US 3 and 4 needles [3.25 and 3.5mm]. Drop down to US 2’s [2.75mm] when you want a tight fabric. Loosen it up on US 5’s [3.75mm] when you want drape and swing.

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  • Aleutian Finch
  • Audouin Finch
  • Bark FInch
  • Birds Egg Finch
  • Canvas Finch
  • Chantrelle Finch
  • Clay Finch
  • Damson Finch
  • Egret Finch
  • Fjord Finch
  • Glacier Finch
  • Honey Finch
  • Iceland Finch
  • Kumliens Gull Finch
  • Leek Finch
  • Maple Finch
  • Pea Coat Finch
  • Peacock Finch
  • Petal Finch
  • Shell Finch
  • Slate FInch
  • Smoke Finch
  • Storm Finch
  • Stream Finch
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Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 10 × 2.5 × 2.5 in
Quince & Co. Finch

Aleutian Finch, Audouin Finch, Bark FInch, Barolo Finch, Belize Finch, Birds Egg Finch, Canvas Finch, Chantrelle Finch, Clay Finch, Damson Finch, Egret Finch, Fjord Finch, Glacier Finch, Honey Finch, Iceland Finch, Kittywake Finch, Kumliens Gull Finch, Leek Finch, Maple Finch, Nightshade Finch, Parchment Finch, Pea Coat Finch, Peacock Finch, Petal Finch, Sage Finch, Shell Finch, Slate FInch, Smoke Finch, Storm Finch, Storm-Finch, Stream Finch


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