Nuno Felted Dress Workshop with Charity Van De Meer



We are so lucky to have Charity Van De Meer coming back to Canada for another workshop with us!!

Over the 3 days we will be creating a natural white merino nuno felted dress. When making this dress you will learn how to add extra flares to create a full circle skirt. The dress will be created in one complete piece with no sewing. You will also get a chance to try creating a lace look using pencil roving with the silk laps.

The dress can be later dyed or eco printed on your own. This class will be dealing only with the creation of the garment.

This class is for intermediate to advanced felters. Experience is recommended.

You are welcome to bring your own materials to the class or you can purchase the following items as a material kit; 400 grams of merino top in natural white, 200 grams of finger roving, 9 meters of silk gauze or silk pongee (your preference of gauze or pongee)

MATERIALS FEE:There is an additional materials fee beyond the course fee. The cost of the kit will be announced in the new year. The costs will probably change from today due to changes to tariff fees that are happening in January 2019 with the US.

This list below is Charity’s list of materials required for this class. I will supply the bubble wrap and a pool noodle.

  1. Wool: fine merino top (under 19 micron) 400g. 80g for a sample. (extra for larger sizes) this is important.
  2. Fine finger roving 200g* and extra for a sample.
  3. Silk laps 300g **(Optional)
  4. Fibers: silk, linen, viscose and all other kinds that can be used for embellishing your dress.
  5. Fabric: Fine silk chiffon/ gauze, or pongee 5 or silk ***Russian silk. The fabric must be very fine, soft and not too dense). 110-140cm width, 9m long about 100cm x 100cm extra for the sample.
  6. Bubble wrap: ONE PIECE of 120cm x 300cm for template and 4m for rolling in. (Anti-slip mat is an option too. It works faster.)
  7. Rolling pole: 120cm. PVC, wood, pool noodle are fine. Small one for the sample
  8. Plastic bottle or something to sprinkle the soapy water
  9. Scissors: good small and big fabric pair and a paper scissors
  10. Soap (liquid and solid)
  11. Ties to tie the rolled bubble wrap to roll (something stretch would be good. I use the cut-out of old T-shirt, or old nylons)
  12. Towels to wrap around while rolling and to dry your hands and the table
  13. Pen and paper to take notes and draw the rough designs masking tape. Very important.
  14. Happy smile on your face!
  15. Battery operated with variable speed sander optional and an extension cord. (maybe earplugs too)

* single twisted roving preferable. Charity can bring the 16micron merino top white $8/100g, $9/100g coloured

** Charity can bring some silk laps if ordered in advance. $20/100g
***Russian silk: Charity will bring some but students need to order in advance white $8/m. $12,60/m coloured

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