Natural Rhythms in Colour Felting workshop with Nancy Ballesteros


May 31st to June 3rd, 2019 in Picton, Ontario Canada at St. Mary Magdalene’s Church.

This felting course is an advanced felting technique workshop. A high level of felting experience is necessary to take this class.

4 day Nuno felting workshop by Nancy Ballesteros from Perth, Western Australia.
As far back as the ancient Egyptians, it has been recognized that a certain proportion keeps showing up in things we consider beautiful – a Natural Rhythm that our human brain finds especially visually pleasing. Mathematicians and philosophers have written books; Leonardo Da Vinci used it when he painted Mona Lisa – The Golden Ratio, Fibonacci’s numbers… How could all this help you with your creativity?
This workshop will help you discover simple, practical ways to apply this powerful design principal. You can explore using more structured elements (stripes) or more organic lines and spaces while creating a nuno felted Natural Rhythms design sequence. This is an amazingly easy way to obtain visually pleasing outcomes – and no maths are required!

Drawing from her 30+ years of designing colours, Nancy will also teach some practical ideas about using colour. She will lead you through colour exercises to develop your own colour language which can then be applied to your design sequence.

Nancy’s unique method of wet wool handling techniques will be covered for creating both “organic” and “structured” patterns. Specific finishing techniques will expand your felting skills. Learn how to create GREAT superfine cloth while creating Natural Rhythms with lines and colour. This workshop is the culmination of Nancy’s passion for fashion, design, colour, and the art of feltmaking.

For this class you may choose to design a Single Infinity Scarf or Wrap or a simple Scarf or Wrap. You would have time to design the Double Infinity Wrap or a “transformative garment” which begins as a dress but transforms into a cosy Cocoon.

Materials will be an additional cost to the workshop or you may bring along your own. A material list will be posted here as soon as we have it.

We will offer a material kit for the course, the price will be announced closer to the date of the workshop


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