Miyuki Glass Beads 6/0


Miyuki beads are made of glass and are of excellent quality with consistant hole sizes.

Each box of 6/0 beads weights approximately 30 grams and holds 360 beads.

If you are using a crochet hook to add your beads to knitting you will need to use a 0.9 mm hook or the US size 13.

The prices of the beads are different according to the content of each colour. The additives of silver and other special finishes will increase the price on the beads.

  • bluelined aqua AB
  • carnation pink lined crystal
  • cranberry-lined peridot AB
  • dark ivory ceylon
  • grey ceylon
  • opaque black
  • opaque luster black
  • purple lined amethyst
  • silver-lined Chartreuse
  • silverlined copper
  • silverlined cornflower blue
  • silverlined crystal
  • silverlined emerald
  • silverlined moss green
  • topaz gold luster
  • transparent amber
  • transparent copper
  • transparent frost cobalt
  • transparent frost light blue AB
  • transparent frost pale gold
  • transparent frost red
  • transparent grey AB
  • transparent light cornflower blue
  • transparent lilac
  • transparent pale gold
  • transparent pale pink AB
  • transparent pale silver