Men’s Knitting Class


Sunday afternoons from 1 pm to 3 pm @ Rosehaven Yarn Shop, 187 Main Street, Picton, Ontario.

Read the description below so you know what you are getting yourself into!



Afraid you’re not man enough to learn to knit? If you can hold two sticks and count to 10 then I can teach you to make stuff that will cause people to look at you and say, “Wow, look at you!”

No experience necessary! (I didn’t have any when I started)
BUT if you know more about knitting than me, which is entirely possible and in fact likely, then come along and let us all revel in the vast universe of your knitting knowledge you insufferable know-it-all.

You’ll learn:

  • How to knit (spoiler: it’s not that hard up until it is)
  • What to knit (spoiler: many useful and practical things)
  • Why to knit (spoiler: to have many useful and practical things)
  • Where to knit (spoiler: anywhere)
  • Who to knit for (spoiler: anyone)

Early on we’ll keep it simple by tackling casting on (like fishing but without the water/boats/fishing gear/fish), simple knit and purl stitches, & binding off as you make a couple of easy peasy washcloths just like your Grandpa used to use because your Grandma knit them for his lazy ass!

We’ll progress through knitting projects like hats, scarves, fingerless gloves (because ain’t nobody dumb enough to knit fingers) and eventually work up to full on sweaters! Trust me it’s not that hard, I am sweating my way through completing my first sweater right now and I’ve only been knitting for a short while.

We’ll also get you established in the knitting world by signing you up for yet another social media platform,, home of thousands of free knitting patterns and probably not free enthusiasts.

BONUS: You’ll get to hang out with like-minded guys, share war stories about fighting bears with our bare hands, learn the detailed history of each other’s most gruesome scars, discuss politics judgement free (fake news – I will judge you), and just get out of the stupid house and all of it’s stupid things for a damn minute.

FREEBIES: I’ll be honest I haven’t thought this through entirely but I’ll at least make some buttons or something fun. Snacks would be good too. I’ll make a note.

Any tools purchased by a student of the class will be 20% off the regular price.

All high school or other full time students will be given 50% off the class fee of $10.00 an hour.

This class will occur every Sunday but you can start at any time don’t worry the mandatory hazing is entirely bearable and will wash off in a couple of weeks no problem.

This is all Tim by the way, Lesley is just standing there shaking her head as I type this.


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