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Freebies! What Could be Better!

imageWhen I came into ownership of Rosehaven I acquired a rather large amount of knitting, crocheting, Piecework, Fibre Focus and other magazines. Plus of course there is also my own stash of magazines to add to that.

They were all a year or so old and not worth really anything much but there were still some good patterns in them and then I thought why don’t we work a trade system? ¬†Originally the idea was that people could bring in their old magazines and trade for some different ones. I quickly discovered that when someone brought me their magazines it usually consisted of large bags of them!

I quickly changed the whole trade idea to just take what you like and if at some point you have a few to donate back, great! If not I wasn’t going to worry because we seem to have an never ending supply of magazines! I think one of the best things that came out of this idea was the day a woman came in to check things out on her way to visit her elderly mother who at one time was an avid knitter, sewer and all around amazing crafter. Her mother was unable to do any of the things she loved due to her arthritis but she still loved to see what others create. I loaded this lovely lady up with lots of magazines of different crafting genres and sent her happily on her way.

She popped back into the shop about a week later with some of the magazines to return and said how it made her mother’s day to have all these magazines to look through. She got very excited about all the creations in the articles and spent the entire week pouring over the magazines. It really made my day hearing that!

It proves that sharing can be fun so come and check out the pile of magazines and get a good laugh over a few of the much older ones and grab a couple with ideas and patterns you would like to create.