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Quince & Co. Yarns Exclusive to Rosehaven!!

Hello all!

We are thrilled to announce that we have officially been invited to be a flagship store for the Quince & Co. Yarn Company. 

This is especially exciting for Canadians because we will be the only store in Ontario to carry their yarn and only the 2nd place in Canada to have it. The only other shop is Espace Tricot in Montreal.

Quince & Co. offers wool yarns that are sourced and spun in the US. Known in the trade as “territory wool,” their wool comes from Merino, Rambouillet, and Columbia-based sheep that roam the ranges of Montana and Wyoming. All Their wool and wool-blend yarns are spun in New England mills with venerable histories. By sourcing their wool in the US and manufacturing their yarn locally, they minimize their carbon footprint.

When Quince looks for an animal fiber, they want to know if the animal was raised in a way that sustains the earth and preserves the culture of the people who care for it.

Quince Kestrel
Kestrel 100% linen
Quince Sparrow
Sparrow 100% linen

We have been carrying their two 100% linen yarns, Sparrow and Kestrel since this past spring and it has been well loved by our customers that have bought and made garments with it. One person’s description of the Sparrow was that it turned to butter in your hands as you knit it. Yum!



Now we are just waiting for the boxes to arrive of  Quince’s Chickadee, Lark, Osprey and Puffin in lots of luscious colours.

Lark Petra sweater
Lark Petra sweater
Chickadee Kilkenny cowl
Chickadee Kilkenny cowl
Osprey Camilla pullover
Osprey Camilla pullover
Puffin Cullin Cowl
Puffin Cullin Cowl

4 responses to “Quince & Co. Yarns Exclusive to Rosehaven!!”

  1. Hi
    I’m from Saskatchewan, and so glad I found your website. I’ve been looking for Quince &Co in Canada.
    Would you ship to Saskatchewan?
    Thank you

    • Dwe have shipped all across Canada and even as far as Austraila! You can create an order on the website and the website will give you a shipping quote so you will know how much it would cost before you commit to the payment.
      The Quince is really amazing yarn to work with and we are all totally hooked on it here at the shop!
      Lesley Snyder

  2. Hey – I lived in Picton as a kid! But right now I’m in Vancouver and I’m trying to find Quince and Co yarn for a wonderful sweater pattern called “Agnes” by Melissa LaBarre. I need Puffin and Osprey, both by Quince. If you have them — shipping to Vancouver wouldn’t be a problem, right?

    • If you go to the shopping section of the website we have all the Quince yarns including Puffin and Osprey. You can look at at all the colours and amounts we have in stock as well. If you put together an order the shipping will be calculated so you can see how much it will cost to send to Vancouver. Cheers!