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Boxtop Hat



This is my super simple knitting in the round easy peasy hat that I make over and over in different colours and textural yarns.

I use worsted weight yarn but I have mixed the yarns up. I start with a worsted weight and sometimes I throw in a few rows of a Double Knit and sometimes an Aran weight because I want that colour or texture. My point is don’t worry too much about yarn gauges once you have the band knit on your hat you can play and the hat will slouch or flop the way it needs and it will still fit.

Here are the two hats using my basic hat recipe that I have told so many people and now will officially write it down!!

ble-boxtop-320x187 boxtop-hat-640x451

Materials – this makes 2 hats!!

1 ball – Noro Taiyo (colour #77) – 200 m, 100g, 40% cotton, 30% silk, 15% wool, 15% polyamide
1 ball – Berroco Briza (colour #9309) – 200 m, 40g, 51% mohair, 43% nylon, 6% wool
circular needles 4.5 mm with a 16” cable
stitch marker to mark the beginning of your rows

18-20 sts to 27 rows in 4”
The gauge is very much approximate.

Finished Hat Measurements
The hat will fit an average adult head of 21” to 24”.

Cast on 80 sts with Noro’s Taiyo. Any flexible cast on technique works so go with your favourite one.

Make sure there are no twists in your stitches before you begin your row one.
Join in the round placing stitch marker to indicate beginning of round.

Round 1 to 6 – Knit all rounds in Noro’s Taiyo. These will be the rows that will roll up on your hat brim.

Knitting Tip
If you prefer a ribbed brim on your hat you can k2 p2 for 10 rows or an 1 1/2” or 2” instead of following Round 1 to 6 instructions.

Round 7 – On the beginning of the next row drop the Taiyo yarn (do not cut) and begin knitting with Briza.

All the following Rounds – Knit 2 rows with Briza then bring up the Taiyo yarn and knit for 2 rows with Taiyo.

Switch between the yarns alternating, 2 rows of Taiyo then 2 rows of Briza.

Knit until the hat measures 9 1/2” approximately and you are using the Taiyo yarn. Bind off with your 2nd row of the Taiyo yarn. A simple bind off is fine.

Important Note – Fold the hat so the beginning of your rows is in the centre back of your hat. There will be a slight noticeable jog in the stripes and it will look best at the back of your head where it won’t be too noticeable.

Take some of the Taiyo yarn and stitch across the top to sew the sides together.

There will be enough yarn to make an 2nd hat just like this.

With the left over yarn from the 2 hats create tassels or pompoms to attach to the top corners of the hat.

Voila you are done and thanks to Noro’s Taiyo the hats will probably be 2 different colours!

From this basic recipe of 80 stitches you can play with throwing in a few rows of purls to make a yarn bump out of the stockingnette stitches around it. If you alternate 4 rows of purl and 4 rows of knitting you will actually get an almost accordian effect in the fabric.


Add a basketweave look in a section by knitting 4 stitches and then purling 4 stitches (K4 P4 repeat for the row) for 4 rounds and then alternate (P4 K4 repeat) for 4 rounds. You can also do this using 2 different coloured yarns.