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First Socks, First Heel!!

Sock knitting was something I have been intimidated by for years and years. I also have never been a fan of the thin fingering yarns and any pattern calling for a 2.25 mm or less than 3 mm I usually run far far away from.

The whole heel gusset sounded painful and confusing. When I watch all these people and podcasters that LOVE knitting socks I did start to wonder about trying it. Of course owning a yarn shop and having to admit to never knitting a pair of socks can be a weeeee bit embarrassing.

There is of course almost always a pair of socks on someone’s needles at the Knit Night at the shop. Also more than a few discussions about favourite ways to make socks and approach the heels. Lynnie who is a regular in the Knit Night crew offered to teach a few of us the technique of Two-At-A-Time Toe-Up socks. A number of us jumped at the chance. I have said every year at New Year’s that sock knitting will be one of my resolutions to accomplish in the following 12 months. Yet the months and years have slid by and I’ve just never attempted them, but this was going to be the year!!

I think we started our first class with the Turkish cast on for the two toes and we were working on 2 circular needles. I love that when you start from the toes you can just knit as long a sock as you like or until the ball of yarn runs out. I hate having little scrappy balls of yarn kicking around because I never want to throw them out. That just seems so wrong!

Well when it came to the time to work on the heel I was in the middle of an East Coast family vacation so I just kept knitting and figured that I would come back and do an afterthought heel. That way I would be back and have the emotional support of my fellow knitters when I had to cut into my knitted sock to add in the heel.

I continued to knit and knit and knit, not really getting much of a love for the knitting of the sock. I mean it is great to take along for those times when there will be lots of chatting while knitting and I don’t have to concentrate at all. I kept knitting off and on for months and finally got to working on the ribbing . Then I realized I was doing crazy long ribbing on the socks because I was once again avoiding finishing because that meant I had to deal with the heel.

Finally I bound off and then the poor socks sat for another month or more of avoidance. Finally I decided it was time to suck up some courage and sit with a video and just do it!! I decided on the Kirby Wirby afterthought heel that I had heard good things about.

Well I did it! I sat down with all my tools and picked up my sharpest snips and attacked that first sock. Once again the intimidation was for nothing! It was easy! I had both heels done correctly and looking grand in 30 mins! Plus the socks fit fantastic!!

Why do we get intimidated by these terms that we read and avoid trying things? It always turns out that once you try the step by step instructions it is fairly easy. Thank goodness for all those fabulous people that create all those tutorials on YouTube. The fact that now we have a bunch of video tutorials to choose from to show us the same technique is amazing!

Thank you to all you smart, brilliant, patient people that take the time to help all us needy knitters!

Here is my first sock I have ever knit in my hand dyed Baa’d Girl sock yarn.