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Brilliant Colours!

more scarves 2I love colour. Everyone that knows me knows that about me. Colour is very important to me. I like to wear it and I like to live with it in my home too. Though I have toned the vibrancy down a little bit in my home. Way back in my twenties and thirties I used to paint rooms over and over again. Probably at least once every year. I love how colour changes and enhances a mood or feeling.

So last week I purchased a whole lot of silk from Dharma Trading for nuno felting and whatever else I can think to do with it. I immediately called my Mom who has lots of experience with dying and loves to play as well with colours. She came by a few days ago and we had a full day of dying silks. It is a bit messy and hot since we always steam set the colours but we have a system that seems to work. I doubt we are doing things exactly correct according to an expert dyer but we have a lot of fun and the results are always pretty good. Plus, more importantly, the colours don’t run out of the silk when we are done!

Enjoy the eye candy!

One response to “Brilliant Colours!”

  1. Hi Leslie,

    Wonderful to see all the new colors!
    Good to know you carry lots of colored silks for nuno felting. Will come in someday to indulge in your eye candy!

    All the best with your new endeavor, may you be happy and successful with your Rosehaven store!


    Marga Vanderwal