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Blankety Blanks – Sock Blanks are Here!

Blankety Blanks

Blankety Blanks sock blanks are a fun and exciting way to knit socks! Each blank is hand painted, and often silkscreened with an illustrated pattern. The unique nature of these blanks means that you never know exactly what your socks will look like. The colour story of each blank will determine the overall colour of your finished socks, but it’s impossible to know how the colours will translate to your finished project’s pattern, which is what makes knitting with Blankety Blanks so much fun!

Lumberjack Beaver Sock Blank

Blankety Blanks are a family effort. Rosehaven Yarn Shop owner Lesley Snyder paints all the blanks, and her husband Tim of Ton-up Creative creates the illustrations and screen prints each blank by hand. Sometimes the kids help too!

Sock Blank Printing in Progress
Sock Blank Printing in Progress
Piles of Sock Blanks
Mounds of Sock Blanks
Drying Sock Blanks
Drying Sock Blanks
Birds of a Feather Sock Blanks
Hand Painting Sock Blanks

Browse our current selection of Blankety Blanks. We’re always making new ones, so check back often!

Blankety Blanks are part of Lesley Snyder’s personal line of yarn products, called Baaa’d Girl Yarns. Baaa’d is always better!

4 responses to “Blankety Blanks – Sock Blanks are Here!”

  1. Help me understand this concept….this blank is pre-knitted & dyed with the funky patterns then, after purchasing, I unravel the blank & re- knit it into a pair of socks??

    • Yes that is right! You got it! I know it sounds a bit odd but it’s kind of fun and little addictive to see what the knitting of the sock looks like. As you unravel and start knitting it’s really cool seeing how the patterns change and alter and turn into something completely different. The good part is for an average pair of socks we have found that it only takes about 2/3’s of the sock blanks so you get to keep a small portion with the image still on it. I’m going to either frame it or do some knitting around it to make it into a bag with the image on the front.

    • I have a few that are printed and waiting for dyeing and hopefully I’ll be able to get to them in the next month. My husband who does the illustrations and printing has been super busy with a new business that is opening in 2 weeks so everything has been focused on that.