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Summer Theatre Play Time

IMG_8443I have, crazily, joined in as a chorus person in Festival Players production of “The right Robert and His Robber Bride”. I say crazily because it is insanely busy at my shop the Galloping Goat Gallery with the last weeks of summer whizzing by. Plus trying to organize this transfer of ownership of Rosehaven and get the online shop here up and out into the world. Crazy and insane, yes, I must be to add this into the mix but it is sooooo much fun being in theatre it was impossible to resist. Plus my daughter who is going into grade 11, is very interested in doing more acting so it seemed like an excellent opportunity!

Of course during rehearsals when you are a background player there is a lot of sitting around, which means knitting time! So far I have whipped up one hat and working on the second one after only four rehearsals!

It was so chilly and windy on the site where the play is (did I mention it was outside?) that I actually ended up wearing the hat I had finished, but not sewn up the top, and just kept on knitting!

I don’t have a picture yet of the hat but soon I will!