4 Day Freedom Construction Workshop with Pam De Groot

August 30, 2017 @ 9:00 am – September 2, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
Picton Salvation Army
46 Elizabeth St
Picton, ON K0K
$495 includes most materials
Rosehaven Yarn Shop

freeform construction Pam DeGroot

We will produce prefelt yardage to create garments with twist, pocketing and swales using minimal patterns. We will exploit the amazing properties of felt for garment creation. This course challenges the maker to trust the process of discovery and let their creativity run free. Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride!

Some felting experience is essential. We will be using some commercial dyes.

Teacher – Pam DeGroot – I am an Australian feltmaker from the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. I have been teaching internationally and with Australia for many years.
In working with wool I have come to marvel at the diversity of this material. It can be soft and flimsy or hard and resilient, made flat or formed into any shape imaginable. I enjoy making everything from garments to sculpture as it all challenges my creativity. I love to work with form and colour and with the natural world as a constant source of inspiration.

Pam DeGroot freeform feltingFor the workshop participant to bring to the workshop;

  • Onion skins, lots and lots and lots of onion skins. Collect them beforehand in the orange net bag they come in.
  • Leaves to print with. Include eucalyptus if you can ask florists. You can collect them beforehand and press them in newspaper so they don’t curl.
  • Bottle of vinegar
  • Soap of choice. + 2 litre container
  • Tape measure and calculator.
  • Paper/pencils/something to write on resist material.
  • Towels 2 per person at least.
  • Ball brause or water sprinkler
  • felting mat (optional)
  • 3 meters of spun wool (can be old and yucky, any ply, not important for looks).
  • Warp thread (from weaving supplier) or kevlar kite string.
  • Other fibres for texture (silk, mohair, spun wool, etc) optional.
  • Large buttons or other items for closures (optional)
  • Ordinary cotton thread/needles, 1 long scissors and lots of pins
  • Old nails or other small metal items
  • Camera (optional)
  • A piece of small dowel about 90 cm long Can be a little as 1 cm in diameter or bigger. See what there is in the shed.
  • Piece of wood dowel, steel or copper pipe 25 cm long
  • Wooden clothes pegs.
  • Rolling mat (optional).
  • Dust masks, gloves.
  • old pair stockings
  • piece of old fabric about 60 x 90 cm approx (old sheet)

eco print wet felt Pam DeGrootRosehaven Yarn Shop will take care of the following materials for each participants;

  • Thin plastic (painting drop sheet)
  • long mirror
  • 3-4 small tubs to carry wet things in
  • sewing machine (may not need)
  • dyeing microwave
  • 3 meters x 1.3 m min. of bubble wrap per person. One piece each
  • 2-3 tables per student to work on with pvc pipe to adjust height
  • 2 x 10 m rolls of think underlay foam or thick plastic. 2 m per person.
  • 500 grams white merino wool top 19 micron.
  • other fibres for texture (silk, mohair, spun wool, etc) optional
  • 6 metres of 3.5 mommie gauze silk.
  • 3 metres of 5.5 mommie habutai silk.
  • At least 4 weeks before steep some bits of old copper in 50/50 water and vinegar. The liquid should turn blue – about 2 litres (Don’t touch this liquid -Toxic!)


We also need the following for the workshop if anyone attending can offer to loan some of the following items;

  • washing machine or centrifuge spinner – to spin out the water from the fabric.
  • Really Large pots for dyeing in. (Old copper-or large stock pots that can fit a student’s finished work in, which is about 4 inches in diameter by 10 inches long. (The pots can’t be used for food afterwards).
  • Ice cream containers, pots for dyeing. 4 litre. Plastic to go in the Microwave. Start eating ice cream!!!
  • Teaspoons
  • Dyes, ( i use landscape dyes here. If you can get some acid milling dyes with the mordant mixed in that is the easiest for workshops I find.) Rosehaven has these already.
  • small mixing containers,
  • tongs.  Rosehaven has these but we could use a few more.
  • Some large jars and or wine bottles.
  • pvc pipe.(plumbers use this-as wide as can fit in the pot or a bit smaller. can be up to 1m long.)
  • vinegar or citric acid.  Rosehaven has this.

There  will be a lunch break of an hour to visit one of our local cafes within walking distance or you can bring your own lunch.


    1. Pam, said not to worry about bringing a rolling mat that she would bring one. I don’t know what it is but she described it as a rubber mat with ridges. I’m wondering if it is like one of those boot trays in plastic. I’ve seen felters use them before. We shall see when she comes and I can always run to Canadian Tire and grab one.

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